O Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation. Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise! For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods.”  Ps. 95:1-3

We read many encouraging articles about how God has restored or strengthened a person through the tough trials of their lives but what if I shared about something different…What if I shared about the key way to get through difficult times joy-filled. What if I shared with you about a personal experience that made me enjoy God, my family, and life more? Are you ready to know what it is?


I STRIVED TO CHANGE MY FOCUS TO BE THANKFUL FOR EVERY SITUATION I WENT THROUGH. So, with God’s strength, I used every circumstance to say 2 things I was thankful for on a daily basis to change my focus off the present circumstance, whether a trial or a pleasant experience to remember who He is.

HOW DID THIS COME ABOUT? The truth is that I have experienced such hardships in my life that I got tired of dwelling on them and knew that it was not honoring God to not give room for praising Him instead. I realized that each and every day I was able to be thankful for something, whether it was something difficult or challenging. I wanted to remind myself that my present circumstance did not dethrone who God has always been (THE KING OF THE WORLD)

I personally struggled with my self-image, and I could not see past the lies that would cross my mind daily.  So I challenged myself to think of two things I was able to thank God for every day… and I clung to them.  I went through a really bad breakup when I was 19 years old…yet, the gratitude I carried to get through it was that God loves and He delights in me.   Today I struggle with not knowing if God would really come through for me in blessing me a place of my own…the thankful promise that I cling to is that God is faithful.  Changing your perspective from your situation to something you can be thankful for gives you hope for a brighter today.

You see…life is not easy for anyone but if I challenge myself to change my heart to be thankful at all times it brings me to see Him and His glory, rather than the ugliness that can overwhelm me. DAVID WOULD DO THE SAME THING! The psalms are filled with his complaints but ending with praises and thanksgiving. I am not saying that my life or circumstances are easy but I can say that because of them I grow continually to see God and not get blinded by the disappointments or hurts.

I have a choose… actually, WE ALL DO! Every day to give thanks to God. For me, I choose two things…for you, it could be more but I want to encourage women to not look at their present circumstance and feel defeated but thank God and praise Him rightfully because we are loved and have God-given promises. A thankful heart will not change our situations but it will help us through the good and bad times.

Hearts become transformed by His power, through hearts of gratitude and minds focused on Him. We become genuinely strengthened by His presence and peace, sustained by His joy. A heart of gratitude produces a genuine love for God and others…

Choose to be thankful!

– Susana Piacentini